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Experience the power of Jasmine EMR software for seamless healthcare record management.

Lets help you revolutionize the way you manage patient information and medical records in your hospital.

At Sysmax Technologies Limited, we're a seasoned software development company with a strong team. Jasmine, our EMR software is trusted by numerous hospitals nationwide, and our commitment to supporting our partners is unwavering. We're here to empower healthcare institutions in enhancing record management and delivering top-quality patient care.

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EMR Software Features

Extensive record management features for your departments.

Tired of sifting through stacks of paperwork and dealing with inefficient record-keeping systems? Jasmine's Electronic Medical Records Software is here to revolutionize the way you manage patient information and medical records in your hospital.
Robust medical record management, covering consultations, treatments, in-patient and out-patient records, laboratory data, radiology reports, and comprehensive treatment plans for streamlined patient care.
Medical Records
Efficiently manage your inventory; Keep track of purchases, prescriptions, sales, and receive prompts for expiring products and reorder needs. Simplify stock calculations and eliminate pilferage and fraud.
Inventory Control
Revolutionize your HR department. Manage staff records seamlessly and process monthly salaries with ease, make your HR department smart by simplifying your HR and payroll operations.
HR and Payroll
Gain control over your finances. Track income, expenses, and generate comprehensive reports and charts. Access intuitive dashboards and gain valuable financial insights for informed decision-making.
Send bills to patients via SMS and Email, complete with a convenient payment button. Patients can pay via card, transfer, or USSD code, with automatic confirmation, enhancing the payment experience for patients.
Make data-driven decisions with ease using Jasmine EMR's reporting and analytics tools. Access comprehensive reports and visualizations to track practice performance, patient outcomes, and trends for better decision-making.

Efficient Workflow with Jasmine EMR: A Typical Scenario

Regardless of the complexity of your operational workflow, Jasmine EMR seamlessly accommodates your hospital's needs. Here's a succinct overview of a typical scenario within the system:

  1. A new patient arrives at your medical center, registering and making a payment based on their sponsorship type.
  2. A new patient record is promptly generated. If a consultation fee is applicable, payment is requested. Upon presenting proof of payment, the patient is assigned to available doctors or consulting rooms.
  3. Trained nurses or doctors record and input vital signs directly into the system.
  4. The attending doctor examines the patient, documenting notes and issuing bills for services rendered, including prescriptions, laboratory tests, radiology scans, admissions, and any further treatments.
  5. The patient proceeds to the accounts department to settle their bill. Upon payment confirmation, all relevant departments (pharmacy, laboratory, nursing, radiology, etc.) can commence their respective tasks.
  6. Doctors can conveniently review patient records, access examination and scan results, and fine-tune the treatment plan.
  7. The patient's file is officially closed once all necessary processes are successfully completed, ensuring efficient and comprehensive healthcare management.
Pricing Plan

We offer two distinct pricing options:


With our subscription-based pricing, all your hospital needs is an active internet connection and internet-powered devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and personal computers. There's no requirement for servers, backups, or complex installations. Simply make your payment, and we'll swiftly set up your account on our cloud server within minutes, allowing you to get started effortlessly. We charge a monthly or annual fee per staff member, giving you flexibility in payment terms.

On-site Deployment

If you require custom features and prefer on-site deployment, please get in touch with our sales team for pricing details tailored to your specific needs.

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